Sponsored Educational Sessions

Industry partners are invited to secure a time slot for industry-sponsored educational sessions (satellite symposia). The sessions are an opportunity to present new clinical developments and discuss new perspectives on particular topics of interest.


Innovation Theatre & Innovation Grounds

As the translation of atherosclerosis research into Novel therapies for humans is a main theme of the congress we offer innovative industry partners different platforms to exchange ideas and experience with the participants of the meeting. These interactive meetings are therefore an additional reason to support ISA2015.

Our Innovation theatre is centered in the exhibition area. ISA2015 welcomes and stimulates innovative industry partners to share novel insights from clinical development and to engage participants in the future management of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

In our Innovation Grounds we offer industry partners involved in early stage development of novel therapies to take advantage of the presence of our international experts and discuss novel developments in research in closed sessions.

The ISA2015 Innovation theatre and Grounds provide a continuous stage that can be booked in timeslots of a minimum of 60 minutes during the full length of the congress.

Investigator meetings

As ISA2105 will bring together an international audience of experts and clinicians, many of whom are actively involved in clinical research. The organizers invite pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s to schedule investigator.

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Progression and prevention of atherosclerosis and a translation to relevance.