Press Registration

Journalists receive free press admission to the Congress by registering on the web site or representing their press card at the registration desk. Upon registration, journalists will receive a press kit from the congress press officer.​

Press registration



Results and information related to a session at ISA2015 cannot be presented or announced prior to presentation in the session or press conference, whichever comes first, unless otherwise instructed. ​

Any press and media representatives intending to attend ISA2015 must accept this embargo policy or will not be provided with a press badge.

Breaking of the embargo policy by a reporter leads to:​

  • Immediate suspension of the reporter’s media credentials​
  • Immediate barring of the reporter from the meeting premises​
  • Removal of reporters name from the ISA Press distribution list for 3 year​s
  • ​​Media outlets that employ the reporter or who hired the freelancer to write for them will be barred from accessing next ISA Congress​​

Breaking of an embargo by another (non-media) party will equally be pursued. ​

Industry officials and their communication agents are not eligible for press registration​.

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